A downloadable game for Windows

3rd Place Winner of Game Jolt's Spoopy Jam

Choose between 4 different makeshift firearms in the lobby and take on a dangerous runaway experiment with up to 4 of your friends.

A mutant is hiding in the lab, can you find it before it finds you?

Project Clownspider has been let loose and is running amuck. Take it out before it destroys the whole facility!

They said the poor suckers on the night shift were going to take care of it... 


MovementWASD keys
JumpSpace key
ShootLMB (Left Mouse Button)
Aim down sightRMB (Right Mouse Button)
Recharge weapon & switch weapon *This is how you reload!Q key
Check the Map for broken stationsM key


  • Swagshaw - Director / Producer
  • Curdle - Creative Director / Animator 
  • Huntrox - Lead Programmer 
  • Dan - AI Programmer 
  • Sonicboomcolt - Networker and Assisting Programmer 
  • JNH - Level / Game Designer
  • Isaac Creswell - Game Designer / UI 
  • Jazz - UI / Concept Artist 
  • Ben - Player / Weapon Modeler 
  • Pear - Enemy / Environment Modeler 
  • Can -  Audio Lead, Sound Design, FMOD implementation  
  • Alex/CWeed420 - Music Composer 


clown-meltdown.rar 57 MB

Install instructions

1. Download clown-meltdown.rar

2. Extract the downloaded file using WinRAR, 7-Zip or other archiver

3. Open the extracted folder, launch ClownMeltdown.exe, and enjoy!


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Feedback for the dev = The Machine gun's firing sound doesn't play sometimes, "Settings" is written "Setttings" with 3 t on the in game pause screen, the spider clown's acid spit is way too OP atm, it's almost impossible to dodge and it does way too much damage, that's all, the game is ok and it's fun to play, good job :D


Scared the crap out of me the first time i saw it. Its a pretty cool game honestly, Without friends hes like really hard to kill however and i wasnt able to find anyone in the multiplayer servers. I did however enjoy my experience, great job!

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Thank you for playing!
I am digging your vibe, man.
It was an absolute pleasure to watch.
Your video and audio edits are crisp!

This game was def made as a BYOB-Multiplayer. 
(Bring Your Own Buddies 😂 )


Ah, that makes sense and Thank you! I appreciate you making the experience, i hope ill see more out of you!