Winner of Game Jolt's Together Jam!

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• Fight your way through 3 different game modes
• Use an ever-increasing loadout of weapons
• And an unexpected team-up between land and air!

• Movement - WASD or Arrow Keys
• Shoot - Left Mouse Button or Space Key
• Continue Dialog - E Key

Aaron Shaw (Swagshaw) - Director, Creative Lead
Danial Jumagaliyev (Dan) - Director, Lead Programmer
Ommtdh - Team Manager, 2D Artist
Abdou Hadraoui (Huntrox) - Lead Programmer
Fully Rendered - 3D Artist, Programmer
Lennyi - Programmer
Adam Chean-Udell (FartFish) - 2D Artist, Game Designer
JamminmanZ - 2D Artist
Magic Mouse - 2D Artist, Game Designer
Liko - 2D Artist
JNH - Game Designer
Alex Keller (CWeed420) - Musician & Sound Designer

This game was developed as part of a promotional contest. Character art, narrative, music, and other creative elements contained within are not officially licensed or approved by NBCUniversal or its affiliates.


Download Link on GameJolt


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Knight Rider and Airwolf! Fantastic game  😂👍I'm an 80s child as well.


Cool game