2nd Place Winner of the Game Jolt's Party Jam!
Dive deep into this 2-4 player online co-op party adventure,
where you pilot with friends a submarine armed with cannons, drills, sonar, map, and a shield.

Explore 4 levels in the ocean of Sub-Optimal, beat the bosses in each area, and then take on the Mighty Kraken!

Note for Players!
You'll need to have at least one other person on another computer to play,
We made a Sub-Optimal Discord specifically for Voice Chat shenanigans!
Grab a soda, some headphones, and a mic as you try to direct and navigate the map.


WASD - Move
E - Interact with a Station
Space - Use Station / Jump
Hold T - Push to Talk



Game Jolt Page

Install instructions

The link redirects you to the GameJolt page.

Download from there and execute the .exe.



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OMG! This is one of the "BEST" games your team made! Nice experience playing it : )

doesn't look bad, but how do you start?


Hey there! The game may not work in some browsers, so if you have Google Chrome try using it. Also make sure to put the game in full screen mode. Hope this helps!


ok sure! art looks pretty cool and game sounds really fun!